MultiTherm Eco: Metal construction can be fun


The Staatliche Berufsschule Bad Aibling is one of the most modern vocational schools in Germany. In the competence centre for metal and construction technology, the classes work on a MultiTherm Eco using most modern technology. Among other things, assemblies for metal and steel construction are manufactured, such as connections for steel constructions or frames for benches in the school's outdoor area.

In addition to clear and intuitive operation, the focus is on good support and the implementation of individual wishes. For example, the students practice the operation of the machine control system with simulation software on a large touchboard before implementing it on the Global Control. The handling of CNC-controlled machines has been an integral part of the training for years.

"We attach great importance to the fact that our students independently implement the tasks from the drawing to the finished cut component. An intuitively operated machine control system, such as the MultiTherm Eco, makes this holistic approach much easier for us. It helps us to profitably integrate the machine into the classroom," says Stefan Olbert, senior teacher and specialist advisor for metal construction / plant mechanics.

"The aim is not only to reflect the operational working environment, but also to give the skilled workers of the future an insight into the possibilities of a modern equipped production plant - even beyond the boundaries of their own training company. To achieve this, we depend on good partnerships with manufacturers such as Messer Cutting Systems and their support, and we would like to thank them very much for their excellent cooperation", Olbert continues.

With the MultiTherm Eco, a great wish came true for the school as part of the new school center construction 2012-2014. The vocational school has already had very good experience with the predecessor model, a pure flame cutting system.

Alois Guggenbichler (right), technical supervisor for metal construction and plant engineering with his students at the MultiTherm Eco.


Messer Cutting Systems is een wereldwijde leverancier van geavanceerde technologie. Het bedrijf biedt producten en diensten voor de metaalverwerkende industrie die wereldwijd normen stellen. Als marktleider in zijn branche levert de machinefabrikant complete oplossingen en concentreert hij zich strategisch op het adviseren van zijn klanten en klantgerichte innovatie. Hier richt het bedrijf zich op de digitalisering van processen en producten. Messer Cutting Systems is met meer dan 800 werknemers vertegenwoordigd op 5 hoofdlocaties met productiefaciliteiten en in meer dan 50 landen.

Ons assortiment omvat autogene, plasma- en lasersnijsystemen, van handgeleide machines tot speciale machines voor de scheepsbouw, evenals machines en uitrusting voor autogeen lassen, snijden, hardsolderen, solderen en verwarmen. Reserveonderdelen, reparaties, modernisering, onderhoud en service, evenals milieutechnologie ronden het productportfolio af. Eigen softwareoplossingen optimaliseren productie- en bedrijfsprocessen. Het assortiment wordt uitgebreid met oplossingen van technologiepartners, bijvoorbeeld op het gebied van automatisering.
Een intensieve dialoog met onze klanten staat op de eerste plaats - het moderne trainingscentrum voegt hier de daad bij het woord. Wereldwijd is Messer Cutting Systems de partner bij uitstek voor snijsystemen, autogeen techniek en klantadvies.